1950s Grey Check with Pink Roses Cotton
Details: Era: 1950s Suggested Era Use: 1950 - Early 1960s Material: Cottoin Colors: Grey, Pink, Red, Green Selvage: Intact Brand/Marks: None Measurements: 35" x 3 yards Condition: Good. No issues to note.
1950s-1960s Embossed Faux Tape Lace Lavender Cotton
Details: Era: 1950s-Early 1960s Suggested Era Use: 1950s-1960s Material: Embossed cotton  Colors: Lavender, white Selvage: Intact Brand/Marks: None Note: Last photo is fabric held up to the light. Measurements: 36" x 3 yards Condition: Good. No issues to note.
1950s Yellow Roses Cotton
Details: Era: 1950s-early 1960s Suggested Era Use: 1950s-early 1960s Material: Cotton Colors: White, green, yellow, blue Selvage: Complete Brand/Marks: Everglaze Washable Vat Colors Measurements: 35" x 1 7/8 yards Condition: Good. Has been washed so it is not shiny "Everglaze" polished...
1950s Tyrolean Style Brown Floral
Details: Era: 1950s Suggested Era Use: 1950s-1980s Material: Cotton Colors:  Brown, blue and white Selvage:Complete Brand/Marks: None Measurements: 39 x 3 1/2 yards Condition: Excellent. Has not been laundered. No issues. 
1950s Novelty Stylized Ladies Cotton
Details: Era:  1950s Suggested Era Use:  1950s Material: Cotton Colors:  Pink, grey, white, chartreuse Selvage: Intact Brand/Marks: None Measurements: 35” x 1 yard+ Condition: Excellent. No issues. 

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