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1960s Green Bandana Print
Details: Era:  1960s Suggested Era Use: 1940s -  1970s Material: Cotton Colors: Green, Blue, white Selvage: Cut Brand/Marks: VIP Fabrics Measurements: 25" x 45" Condition: Good. Selvage cut but no other issues.
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1970s Tiny Prairie Green Floral Cotton
Details: Era: 1970s Suggested Era Use: 1930s-1980s Material: Cotton (With a slight chemical smell when burned. Feels like cotton) Colors: Green, Red, White, Orange, Yellow Selvage: Intact Brand/Marks: None Measurements: 45" x  3 1/3 yards Condition: Excellent/Good. No issues to note....
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Late 1960s Big, Bright Floral Cotton Sateen
Details: Era: 1960s-1970s Suggested Era Use: 1960s-1970s Material: Cotton Colors: Pinks, Yellows, Oranges, Greens, Blues Selvage: Intact Brand/Marks: Joseph Goldinger Fabrics Measurements: 44" x 2 1/3 yards Condition: Excellent. No issues to note.    
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1970s does 1930s Bold Floral
Details: Era: 1970s Suggested Era Use:  Late 1960s - 1970s Material: Cotton/Poly Blend broadcloth Colors:  Brown, Orange, Green, White Selvage: Intact Brand/Marks: None Measurements:  44" x 3+ yards Condition: Excellent. Crisp and has not been laundered. No issues to note.
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1970s Wedding Ring Cheater Quilt Cotton
Details: Era: 1970s Suggested Era Use:  1960s-1970s Material: Cotton Colors: Multicolor, orange brown white, floral Selvage: Intact Brand/Marks: Schwartz - Liebman Textiles, Inc. Measurements: 43 x 1 5/8 yards Condition: Excellent. Has not been washed/sizing present and no issues to note.
1970s-1980s Plaid Shirting with Floral Embroidery
Details: Era: 1970s-1980s Suggested Era Use: 1940s-1980s Material:  Cotton, possibly blend. Feels like cotton. Colors: Red, Blues, Orange, White, Greys, Green Selvage: Intact Brand/Marks: None Measurements: 45" x ~3 yards Condition: No issues to note.  
1950s Tyrolean Style Brown Floral
Details: Era: 1950s Suggested Era Use: 1950s-1980s Material: Cotton Colors:  Brown, blue and white Selvage:Complete Brand/Marks: None Measurements: 39 x 3 1/2 yards Condition: Excellent. Has not been laundered. No issues. 
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1970s Blue Gingham Fruit print
Details: Era: 1970s (1972 on selvage) Suggested Era Use: Late 1950s-early 1970s Material: Cotton/Synthetic blend that's a nice dress weight Colors: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, White Selvage: Intact Brand/Marks: Free Associations Fabric copyright 1972 Measurements: 43” x 4 1/4 yards Condition: Excellent. No issues. Has not...
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