Lightweight Grey Plaid Cotton Blend
Details: Era:  Modern Suggested Era Use: All Material: Lightweight Cotton Blend Colors: Greys, White Selvage: Intact Brand/Marks: None Notes: Lightweight use for dresses or shirts. Not heavy enough for coats or suits. Measurements: 59" x ~4 (two pieces, each at 2...
1960s Americana / Transportation Novelty Cotton
Details: Era: 1960s Suggested Era Use: Late 1950s - Early 1970s Material: Cotton Colors: Oranges, Greens, White, Black Selvage: Intact Brand/Marks: None Measurements:  36" x 2 7/8 yards Condition: Good. No issues to note.
1960s/1970s Big, Bold Daisy Floral
Details: Era: 1970s Suggested Era Use: Late 1960s-1970s Material: Cotton  Colors: Orange-Red,Yellow, Brown,   Selvage: Intact Brand/Marks: None Measurements: 44" x 4 1/2 yards Condition: Good.  The fabric has printing subtle issues throughout. See photos for  extent of errors.
1960s Fuchsia Block Print-Style Paisley Striped Cotton
Details: Era: 1960s  Suggested Era Use: Late 1950s - 1960s Material: Cotton - medium weight still suitable for clothes Colors: Pinks, Purples, Fuchsia Selvage: One edge cut Brand/Marks: None Notes: With an incomplete selvage and the timeless and historical print...
1950s-1960s Embossed Faux Tape Lace Lavender Cotton
Details: Era: 1950s-Early 1960s Suggested Era Use: 1950s-1960s Material: Embossed cotton  Colors: Lavender, white Selvage: Intact Brand/Marks: None Note: Last photo is fabric held up to the light. Measurements: 36" x 3 yards Condition: Good. No issues to note.
1950s Tyrolean Style Brown Floral
Details: Era: 1950s Suggested Era Use: 1950s-1980s Material: Cotton Colors:  Brown, blue and white Selvage:Complete Brand/Marks: None Measurements: 39 x 3 1/2 yards Condition: Excellent. Has not been laundered. No issues. 
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