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1935 Stylized Dots Silk Flat Crepe
Details: Era: 1935 Suggested Era Use: Late 1920s-1940s Material: Silk Flat Crepe  Colors: Dark blue, blue, green red, white Selvage: Intact Brand/Marks: None. Appears in the Fall 1935 Sears catalog Measurements: 38" x ~4 1/2 yards Condition: Excellent/Good. A couple...
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1940s Yellow and Blue Cotton
Details: Era: 1942 Suggested Era Use: 1930s-1950s Material:  100% cotton Colors: yellow, blue, white Selvage: Intact Brand/Marks: None.  Appears in a different colorway in the Spring 1942 Sears Catalog. Measurements: Multiple pieces without without original 35” selvage width. Total is...
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1950s Daisy Print Polished Cotton
Details: Era: 1957 Suggested Era Use: 1950s-early 1960s Material: Polished Cotton Colors: Black, Green, Yellow, White, Grey Selvage: Intact Brand/Marks: None. Sold in the Spring 1957 Sears catalog. Note:  This fabric is a polished cotton with original  sheen. I didn't launder so as to keep...
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1940s Grey Rayon Challis
Details: Era: 1940s Suggested Era Use: Late  1930s-1940s Material: Rayon Challis Colors: Grey, White, Yellow, Black Selvage: Intact Brand/Marks: None. Sold in the  1948 Montgomery Ward catalog. Note: This fabric is so soft and drapey. Measurements: 38" x  4 yards...
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Early 1960s Pink gingham Floral Embroider Border Print Cotton
Details: Era: 1962 Suggested Era Use: Late 1950s-1960s Material: Cotton. Colors: Pink, white, red, green Selvage: Intact. Brand/Marks: None.  Appears in Spring 1962 Sears catalog. Measurements: 36" x ~3 yards Condition: Excellent/Good.  No issues to note. From original description: Culpepper...
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1940 Gone With the Wind Collection Rayon
Details: Era: 1940 Suggested Era Use: 1930s-1940s Material: Rayon Colors: White, Blue, Burgundy Selvage: Mostly Intact (one 23" length is cut slightly) Brand/Marks: None. Appears  in the Spring 1940 Sears Catalog Measurements: 38" x 3+ yards.  Condition: Excellent/Good. A couple faint, small...
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1940s-1950s Large Floral Hostess Cotton Plisse
Details: Era:  1940s-Early 1950s Suggested Era Use:  1940s-Early 1950s Material:  Cotton  Plisse Colors: Reds, Pinks,  Green, Yellow, White Selvage: Intact Brand/Marks: None. Measurements: 36" x 4 yards. Condition: Excellent/Good. No issues to note.
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1940s/1950s "Thick & Thin" Tropical Rayon
Details: Era: 1940s-early 1950s Suggested Era Use:  1940s-1950s Material: Rayon Colors: Aqua, Purple, White, Green Selvage: Intact Brand/Marks: None. I couldn't find an exact source for this fabric, but I did find a fabric in the Sears 1950 Spring catalog that definitely...
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1949 Polka Dot Cotton
Details: Era: 1949 Suggested Era Use: 1940s-1950s Material: Cotton  Colors: Red, Blue, White, Yellow Selvage: Intact Brand/Marks: None. Appears in the Spring 1949 Sears Catalog. Measurements: 36” x ~1 1/2 yards (2” shy) + small tail Condition: Excellent no issues to...
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Daisy Basket Border Print
Details: Era: 1953 Suggested Era Use: 1950s Material: Cotton Colors: Yellow, Blue, White Selvage:  Intact. Brand/Marks: None. Appears in an alternate colorway in the Spring 1953 Sears catalog. Measurements: 36" x 5 1/2 yards Condition: Excellent/Good. No issues to note.
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