Vintage/Retro Cowboy Ranch Novelty Cotton Flannel
Details: Era: Modern Reproduction (~20-30 years old) Suggested Era Use: 1940s-1950s Material:  Cotton Flannel Colors: Red, Black, White Selvage: Intact Brand/Marks: Snuggle Flannel #91866 Spring Industries, Inc.  Not intended for use in children's sleepwear. Measurements: 42" x 4 yards Condition: Excellent. No issues...
1950s Red Bavarian Novelty Print Cotton
Details: Era: 1950s Suggested Era Use: 1940s-Early 1960s Material: Cotton Colors: Red,  Black, White Selvage: Intact Brand/Marks: Coleport Fabrics, Inc. Measurements: 36" x 4 yards Condition: Excellent. No issues to note.
Make this Look Gift Card
Because no one  has enough fabric, give a gift card to Make This Look! Know nothing about fabric,  but want to give the sewist in your life the perfect gift? We've got your  covered. Gift card available in multiple denominations: $10,...
1950s Tyrolean Style Novelty Print
Details: Era: 1950s Suggested Era Use: 1940s-1950s Material: Cotton Colors: Blue, yellow, black Selvage: Intact Brand/Marks: None Notes: Color is closest to  photo on dress form. Measurements: 36"  x 2 5/8  yards + tail Condition: Good. No  issues to note. 
1950s-1960s Novelty Folksy Hearts Floral
Details: Era: Mid 1950s - Early 1960s Suggested Era Use: 1950s-1960s Material: Cotton Colors: White, pinks, blues, black, yellows Selvage: Intact Brand/Marks: None Measurements: 36" x 4 + yards Condition: Excellent. No issues to note. Has not been laundered.
1950s - 1960s Tiny Blue Floral
Details: Era: 1950s-1960s Suggested Era Use:1940s-1960s Material: Cotton Colors: Blue,  White, Green Selvage: Intact Brand/Marks: None` Measurements: 37.5  x 1 3/4+ yards Condition: Good. No issues to note.
1950s-1960s Embossed Faux Tape Lace Lavender Cotton
Details: Era: 1950s-Early 1960s Suggested Era Use: 1950s-1960s Material: Embossed cotton  Colors: Lavender, white Selvage: Intact Brand/Marks: None Note: Last photo is fabric held up to the light. Measurements: 36" x 3 yards Condition: Good. No issues to note.
1950s Tyrolean Style Brown Floral
Details: Era: 1950s Suggested Era Use: 1950s-1980s Material: Cotton Colors:  Brown, blue and white Selvage:Complete Brand/Marks: None Measurements: 39 x 3 1/2 yards Condition: Excellent. Has not been laundered. No issues. 
1950s Yellow Roses Cotton
Details: Era: 1950s-early 1960s Suggested Era Use: 1950s-early 1960s Material: Cotton Colors: White, green, yellow, blue Selvage: Complete Brand/Marks: Everglaze Washable Vat Colors Measurements: 35" x 1 7/8 yards Condition: Good. Has been washed so it is not shiny "Everglaze" polished...

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